When Midnight Strikes

  • It’s New Year’s Eve 1999 and Jennifer and Christopher welcome you to the party of parties. But when everyone has something they want to change, and plenty they want to hide, the party starts to fall apart. The clock is ticking, and when midnight strikes, what will the new year bring?

    When Midnight Strikes is a fun and fresh contemporary British musical by Charles Miller and Kevin Hammonds. Full of show-stopping songs and complex characters, this deftly-plotted drama is about saying goodbye to the past and accepting change.

  • Musical Director: Oli Rew
    Director: Marc Kelly
    Assistant Director: Christian Bullen
    Technical Manager: Andy Hill
    Stage Manager: Helen Burdett
    Cello: Dominic Veall & Meg Holch
    Set Design: Victoria Francis
    Projections & poster design: J Mark Pim

    Photos by: Thomas Scurr

  • …[Marc] Kelly has iron control of his cast and keeps everything flowing smoothly. The group musical numbers are perfectly choreographed and all movement feels natural and tight…All of the actors are excellent, bringing both pathos and comedy to their roles and developing them far beyond the original stereotype.”★★★★★ – LondonTheatre1

    …Kevin Hammond’s musical When Midnight Strikes, which opened on Tuesday night at London’s Drayton Arms Theatre, is the latest offering from MKEC Productions, a small but ambitious theatre company which excels in staging little known gems…When Midnight Strikes hits all the right notes. The singing is outstanding.” ★★★★ – Stage Review

    …The projections and set design by J Mark Pim and Victoria Francis add a handsome visual aspect to the evening that is embellished by Dominic Veall’s poignant cello contribution, roundly applauded, which is a pleasure to hear…” ★★★ – Musical Theatre Review

    …MKEC Productions have been carving out a niche for themselves in conjuring fringe productions of lesser-known musicals and in Charles Miller and Kevin Hammonds’ When Midnight Strikes, directed by Marc Kelly, they’re onto a winner…Real investment has gone into the set design and Victoria Francis marshals her resources in a brilliant transformation of the space as it opens out onto a balcony with a classic NY skyline (projections by J Mark Pim). And Oli Rew’s musical direction from the piano with cellist Dominic Veall serves Miller’s beautiful score well, with all its lush harmonies and varied styles.” – Ought to be Clowns