The Baker’s Wife

  • Baker's Wife leafletStephen Schwartz’s timeless musical in a brand new intimate production

    A humorous and endearing show from the composer of the blockbuster musical Wicked.

    Set in 1930s rural France, this charming tale tells the story of a bickering village that has been struggling without bread since the death of its baker.

    This delightful gem of a musical features a characteristically witty and tuneful score from composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Godspell). An uplifting story of love and loaves, The Baker’s Wife is a must-see for all musical theatre fans.

  • Musical Director: Kieran Stallard
    Director: Marc Kelly
    Technical Manager: Andy Hill
    Stage Manager: Katy Steele
    Poster design: J Mark Pim

    Photos by Claire Bilyard of
  • “The set design was well done with a rustic French feel to it and the smell of freshly baked bread, whafting through the aisles, was a very nice touch..It’s not often I comment on the drection of a show as it’s not something I tend to focus on. However Marc Kelly has done an amazing job with everything well thought out. Right from the dozing French pianist (Kieran Stallard) before the show started to the movements and gestures used throughout the show. I can’t wait to see more work from this man.”
    West End Wilma *****
    (full review here)

    “Director Marc Kelly deftly positions the often laugh-out-loud, fast-paced humour of this witty piece alongside scenes that require a stillness and pathos (demonstrated by Farr’s soaring rendition of Meadowlark – probably the best-known song in Schwartz’s wonderfully lush score – and Bland’s heartfelt interpretation of If I Have to Live Alone).

    Elsewhere, within an all-round excellent ensemble (and some great harmonies and set pieces), there is some impressive character work, including Oliver Jacobson’s big-mouthed butcher Barnaby, Matthew Whitby’s snotty professor and sweet-voiced Elizabeth Chadwick’s much put-upon cafe owner.”
    The Stage ****
    (full review here)

    “Not only is The Baker’s Wife a feast for eyes and ears, we even get the smell of freshly-baked baguettes to make us feel we’re actually there in the Cafe de Concorde”
    Musical Theatre Review ****
    (full review here)

    “…what made this show eminently enjoyable was the way everything worked together. The musical composition and direction were faultless…”
    Everything Theatre ****
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