Parenting and childhood quiz

Test your wits against these tricky questions about parenting and childhood in musical theatre. And maybe even win a discount on tickets to our new show, Baby! 


Babies may be small bundles of joy but they sure are a big complication! Baby is a warm-hearted musical rom-com that explores the highs and lows of impending parenthood.

Written by the acclaimed duo Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire, this is a musical full of joy, humour, and love.

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Which character in Into The Woods has a cursed placed on their family which prevents them having children?
In Wicked, what species of animal acts as Elphaba’s mother’s midwife?
In Hamilton, both Hamilton and Burr end act 1 with a new baby. What are they called?
The song ‘Mama who bore me’ comes from which musical?
Which character in Chicago sings ‘Me and My Baby’?
In Children of Eden, Japheth asks their servant Yonah to marry him, bringing their family to what number?
Which musical features the song ‘Broadway Baby’?
In ‘The Joy of Motherhood’ from Honk, what is the name of the expectant mother?
What’s the coming of age song sung by young Guido in the musical ‘Nine’?
Which show features these lyrics? "And he'd say to me, 'Maggie, do you wanna dance?' And I'd say, 'Daddy, I would love to dance’”
Parents and Children
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